Sunday, October 14, 2007

Talking to the muse, Conversations with the Holy Spirit

By Peter Menkin - Jun 20, 2001
Edited October 27, 2007

"The spirit moves on the waters, breath of God

"to its dark and furthest corners by the wind

of heaven blown" You bring this melodious

soundings as all the earth around me receives

the wind that blows; divine love may we

gain the human self

You offer. Holy Trinity

the place begun is the place I found, as again

I see others and myself lose their lives to have

their life. Come Holy Spirit, as you are in languages

many, knowing our hearts and secret desires.

Love is a tender embrace, an entry so gentle

encompassing the spirit and soul, seducing and arousing

with whispers and songs; on the daylight through each

day and in the night, for O gracious Light,

Yours is the day, O God, Yours also the night...

the sunshine and season seek us with Your spirit

among us, in us, behind us, before us, below us,

above us.

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