Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summertime Conversation in Friendship

What's this poem (?), but a conversation in summertime with experimental sentences and the idea of friendship. Yes, that's it. A poem that shows friendship, and says a little bit about conversation. I hope you find it amusing. I wrote it in 2001, and this is it from six years ago.

An admirer who read it admiringly on a poetry board then, wrote: "I admire how you mingle speech and the sharing relationship of conversation with natural elements within this piece, Peter. Surely a few more deep shades of green wouldn't hurt though?" I said I would help it along, but still no revise.

Summetime talk in color and sound...
by Peter Menkin

Speaking words that come out color,
as in round circle of blue
like the clear Caribbean sea
summertime conversation
spoken against the clouded sky;
words about our lives
held together by sunset,
changing the green trees
tall challenge at days end
during friendly conversations
radiant orange enlarging
between a man and woman.
To blend with the white sky
we speak admitting mortality.

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